Tuesday, February 14, 2012

:: aper + pink is here ::

i officially took the aper + pink website from localhost to a live web server on sunday.

i only told brian.

sunday night, we went through it and i made sure everything had transferred OK and all, and just basically did a few tidying up kinds of things.

my plan was to send an email on monday night to the folks who had helped me develop the business idea and flesh out its details over the last two months, then to announce the official launch here today (tuesday).

before i had even sent my pre-launch email, i had two orders for sample kits.

by this morning, about ten hours after i sent that pre-launch email, i got an email saying that my order-form account was full and i would need to upgrade.

already?! in less than 48 hours live, and only ten hours after i had even told anyone about the site being up, i had exceeded my one-month allotment of form submissions.

point taken, my friends. you've been waiting eagerly. and i'm so so glad.

so without further ado, i give you: http://aperandpink.com

there you'll find pricing, set-up guidelines, file templates, FAQs, etc. you'll also find an online order form.  i know that at various points in the development of this site -- and this business! -- i promised a full-on e-commerce site. i discussed all of that here and here so i won't bore you with it again.

in the end, i came up with a simple but sort of elegant solution that should streamline the process for customers and for me. it should make things run smoothly, which is all i really want for aper + pink.

the printing is fancy; the behind-the-scenes needs to be utilitarian.

so now go, check it out and let me know what you think. oh, and one more last thing. ha! i was lucky enough to get the shop listed on jessica hische's print-shop directory website inkerlinker. i'd love it if you'd go visit my listing and click on "like" or whatever. that would be pretty cool.

thanks, all, for helping me build this and providing so much feedback along the way. i'm excited.

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