Wednesday, February 8, 2012

:: getting close ::

i'm getting close. i've got my paper and envelopes. i've priced everything, even sample kits. i've just (finally) finished creating all of the (many, many, many!) file submission templates. i'm still down one printer (did i mention that? COME ON UNIVERSE! seriously?!), but i've just finished testing software i need to make my "prepress" life easier.

and the website is coming along pretty nicely, although i've just noticed that it's pictureless, which is weird. i've figured out a decent order-processing solution that meets somewhere in the middle of "order via email" and "order via a full-service e-commerce website" - a solution that allows for easy ordering and, absolutely most importantly, easy linked-to-the-order file upload.

i'd really just like to open shop right now, but i've still got a few things to get ready. wonder if i can get it done for a valentine's day launch?

i will be closed the last week of february (i know, weird timing) so i really do need to push things along or else i won't be launching until march.

whaddaya think? next week? can we do it?

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