Friday, November 20, 2009

:: handmade holiday help - part II ::

okay, folks. more of my favorite handmade items for the holidays. some of these links will be for tutorials so you can make your own gifts. some will be to wonderful handmade things i've found on etsy or cosa verde or elsewhere. you can find part I here.

so let the round-up begin...

(starting from large image and going clock-wise)
1. midair earrings from theintuitivegarden
2. pomegranate soap from anderson soap company (vegan friendly)
3. pincushion organizer tutorial (from oh fransson!)
4. cupcakes letterpress print from yeehaw

(starting from large image and going clock-wise)
5. plate transfer tutorial from design sponge
6. linen clutch with rose from quiltish (by alissa jacobs)
7. cashmere baby legwarmer tutorial from etsy's storque blog
8. mini file box made with vintage record album covers from freestyle gifts

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ETSY LISTINGS: if you click on one of these and it says "sold out," do check out the rest of the shop because more often than not the same item has been relisted. it's kind of a silly quirk about the best way for sellers to use etsy but it can be misleading and confusing.


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