Saturday, November 14, 2009

:: handmade holiday help - part I ::

in the spirit of the upcoming season, and even more in the spirit of this post, i thought i would spend the next few weeks sharing some of my favorite handmade items for the holidays. some of these links will be for tutorials so you can make your own gifts. some will be to wonderful handmade things i've found on etsy or cosa verde or elsewhere.

so let the round-up begin...

(starting from large image and going clock-wise)
1. letterpress coasters from louella press
2. aquarium-themed magnet tutorial from the purl bee
3. book apple (from freshtea's flickrstream but find the tutorial here at cheeky magpie)
4. men's scarf from smitten kitchen originals

(starting from large image and going clock-wise)
5. faux bois tea towel from urbanposture
6. grey felt brooch from aaliciaaccessories
7. applique pillows tutorial from design sponge
8. wild grape jam from mirasol farm

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ETSY LISTINGS: if you click on one of these and it says "sold out," do check out the rest of the shop because more often than not the same item has been relisted. it's kind of a silly quirk about the best way for sellers to use etsy but it can be misleading and confusing.