Sunday, June 14, 2009

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the word for this first round of is SUGAR. interpret it however you'd like.


there are no rules. just create something inspired by the word "sugar" and have it done by july 14th. it can be anything. then share it in the flickr group (yet to be set up, but once it is i will post it here) or send it to me to share anonymously.

the hope is that we'll be inspired by our own attempts as well as by everyone else's finished products. i myself am super psyched about this.


yes, please, go ahead and blog about your project. there's no reason to keep it all hush hush and secret until the end of the first round unless you want to for some reason.

if you blog about it, drop me an email or comment and i'll link to your post.


and since the word is sugar, think sweet thoughts.

(p.s. you can grab the button from my left column and put it on your website if you want to help spread the word. just right click or do whatever you do on macs, then save it and upload it to your site with a link to this post (or this one). 'kay? once the flickr group is up you can have it link to the group if you want.)


Who Sees the Seven. June 15, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

My brain is already in a wash of sugary ideas...what to do? What to do?

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