Tuesday, July 19, 2011

:: what i did on my summer vacation, by julie green ::

wow. that sucked.

a couple of weeks ago my website started acting funny, as in i did a routine update and it DISAFUCKINGPEARED. and i stayed up late into the night getting it to reappear. whew. but then i started noticing that for the 79 days since the previous routine update, which occurred about two weeks before i went to new york for NSS, my website, which is an ecommerce website more or less (no -- just more) intended to allow people to buy things from me, was not allowing people to buy things from me. like at all.

i'm embarrassed it took me so long to figure this out, but it did. enough orders slipped through the cracks of my mostly broken checkout that i sort of just thought maybe it was a slow summer kinda thing. and most wedding people just order via email anyway so i was still doing wedding stuff. and then there was that whole recovering from NSS thing.

anyway, i spent the last two weeks moving everything over to a new platform. and moving it sucked. but now it's done.

if you go check it out, you can also see what i landed on logo-wise, thanks to much input from you-my-lovely-readers-and-friends.