Thursday, June 30, 2011

:: lightness and raspberries ::

sometimes thishereblog gets heavy. not like dude, you're blowing my mind heavy. and not testicular-cancer-diagnosis heavy. (which would be heavy indeed since last i checked i'm a girl). just think think thinking kind of heavy.

and so i'm here tonight with some things that make me feel light.

like discovering that bolthouse farms has a juice that i actually love. it is apple juice free, which is like a miracle among miracles because if you've ever read the ingredients list on any of those beautiful, colorful juices by bolthouse or naked or any of those companies, every single one of them contains apple juice, which my non-apple-juice-liking mouth seems to seek out like fleas seek out mangy dogs. it can be the last ingredient and i can be blindfolded and there can be berry fireworks happening in the mouths of normal people but all my berry fireworks are extinguished by apple juice.

so mango lemonade is making me feel light.

and so are raspberries grown in my backyard, picked and eaten straight off the bush (or collected in a bowl when the bush is very very giving). sun-warm raspberries.

and so is the wonderful response i've gotten to my recent blog posts. most of y'all tend to reply to my business-y quandry posts in private, which i find funny since i'm out here practically screaming about my business indecision and development, but which i totally get and love. your emails and messages make me smile and give me stuff to think about and help me find answers.

anyway, right now my kids and husband are out chasing hot air balloons (i swear!) so i'm going to take all this lightness and go do a bit of work and a lot of relaxing.

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