Tuesday, July 19, 2011

:: capital C clarity ::

occasionally, i find myself needing some clarity. perhaps you've noticed this? maybe you've noticed that sometimes i just get all mentally flooded and the thoughts and questions push so hard against my skull that sometimes i fear the back of my head may actually blow right open?

i'd link you to posts in this vein but that would more or less be an exercise in copying and pasting the whole blog.

and the weird thing about me is that for being such a soul searcher and general questioner of all my own actions and beliefs, i am so totally not into self help stuff. books, websites, quizzes in women's magazines. all of them. lame. pointless. stupid.

i mean, you can totally make the answers come out whatever way you want them to and they're never very helpful at all and advice should be specific not generic and blah blah blah. i'm guessing that if you're a reader of thishereblog you may also think that self-help stuff is lame.

or on the other hand you may be a total self-help devotee. you may put bridget jones to shame with your extensive library of self-help books.

i can kinda see that too.

but anyway, somehow today i stumbled upon (okay. completely not true. i was kindly led by michelle ward, the when i grow up coach) a string of exercises meant to help you find capital C clarity about certain things and bygolly i felt like this string of exercises was actually really helpful and so i totally had to come share them with you.

1 - michelle ward's own "pounding (your head against) the pavement" workbook, which you can get if you sign up for her mailing list (go to her site and look at the top right corner of the page to find out how). i think this should probably be called the "yes no maybe" workbook because it seems like it's really designed to help you get at answers to yes/no questions.

2 - the values list, the link for which i found in the aforementioned pounding the pavement workbook. extremely simple but surprisingly clarity-inducing. kind of one of those things you can make come out however you want it to on any given day, but also kind of the thing that still means something even if you sort of throw the game one way or another, so to speak.

3 - the stop-doing list (google it -- it's all over the place. i liked danielle laporte's take on it, but i read through a few things, too). i liked this because it made me realize that just because you are currently doing some task, and maybe even enjoying a task, it might not be one of the tasks you most need to spend your resources on. i think every entrepreneur needs to remember this.

i am so not the "here are some self-help resources" kind of girl and this is so not a "here, go find yourself by following these three links" kind of blog, but i just felt like i would be remiss if i didn't share these because today, they seemed like good things. today, they helped me answer a big question and raise two more almost-as-big questions that still need to be answered.