Tuesday, July 26, 2011

:: mommy's little girl ::

yesterday, while we were sitterless and still recovering from a few days at the lake with my cousins and their kids, evan passed out cold on the couch despite emily's best efforts to the contrary. and so i brought her up to the attic, the farthest we could get from the boy without leaving the house.

the rest of this, well she did it on her own. she got the computer from evan's room. she brought it upstairs. she asked me to put her up on my yoga-ball desk chair. she opened the computer. she made mommy proud:

it should of course be noted that the only thing emily can intentionally do on this computer besides just mimic mommy is control the volume of the annoying sounds -- louderlouderloudersoftersoftersofterlouderlouderloudersoftersoftersofter.