Friday, March 11, 2011

:: progress ::

i give you: the sneakiest of sneak peeks at what i've finally settled on for the trade show booth. i've accepted the fabric walls now* and i've gotten over my need to seekseekseek until i find fabric-walled booth-nirvana.

if you want to get a little idea of what i'm cooking up think white, wood, and tangerine. think modern and clean. think fun and a little bit surprising. think bold.

it seems awfully silly now that i'm sitting here on the other side of deciding what to do for the booth, but what it really came down to for me was thinking about my products. i did one of these "quick: name ten words you think of when you think of up up creative" deals and those words that came up are the words i used to finally land on booth-related design decisions.

it's the advice i would have given anyone else who was having my trouble, but for some reason it was advice that was eluding me. funny how that happens.

*  i got some great public and private advice this week, prompted by my "i am still totally going crazy trying to figure out my trade show booth walls" post a few days ago, and while i appreciated all of it, the best (for me) was this: "I think the way that I would spin it to myself is that this is my first trade show and I will look back on this when my business is a mulit-million dollar juggernaut and smile." that was exactly what i needed: spin. plus it's an attitude i have all the time. brian and i are always talking about how these are the hard years and how we'll look back one day and remember it kind of fondly.