Tuesday, March 15, 2011

:: i dream of genies ::

about, oh, ten days ago, i lost my keys. i'm not a key loser, so the loss was disconcerting. that it happened when we were running almost late for evan's first no-parents swimming lesson made it much more so.

they were eventually found in a pile of things that had been moved from my desk in the living room (not my main work desk, which is in the attic) to the dining room table and back again the previous night, accumulating detritus, and keys, apparently, with each move.

that afternoon, when the kids were at daycare and i was here working, the state of the house got me so distracted that i went madly through the house like a tornado, scooping up everything in my path that wasn't properly put away, and dumping it into a laundry basket.

part of me wanted to just throw the whole thing in the garbage bin outside figuring that if i couldn't be bothered to put it away then i couldn't be bothered to own it, but then i realized that things like my income tax documents were in there.

so i left the whole thing at the base of the stairs.

and there it still sits. and now there is still more stuff striking various non-put-away poses throughout the house.

i'm not fussy. i'm not a neatnik. but holy crap this is starting to get ridiculous. my very brain is beginning to feel disorganized and cluttered.

one trouble with working from home is that you don't have the time to pick up because you're working, but you're not out of the house enough to keep from messing it up, and even while you're hard at work you still have to look at the domestic disarray.

oh how i sometimes wish i worked outside the house.

or that i lived with a genie.

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