Wednesday, February 2, 2011

:: up up creative for snapfish ::

the kiddos are at daycare today (yes! new situation! we're doing part-time daycare! and it's working out well!) and i've got lots on my plate, from wedding proofs for clients to emails that need to be answered to prepping a bit more for the national stationery show. but first among the projects is going to be working on some new designs for snapfish.

things there are going well. i've got some bestsellers and everything.

so i'm wondering: what would you like to see from up up creative for snapfish? any special requests? your wishes are my commands, my friends. you (yes you) can shape what goes up on now that's power.

(curious what i've got there already? the image above shows the 16 designs currently for sale in both the UK and US shops. follow the links to get there yourself.)