Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: hooray! up up's very own indie affiliate program ::

blogging friends,

remember when you started blogging and you signed up for an amazon affiliate account and thought, whee! now i'll link to amazon whenever i mention a book or an album or whatever, and soon i'll be rich!

well move over amazon because there's a new affiliate program in town. if you'd like to become an up up creative affiliate, meaning you will earn a commission on any sales you refer (either with your partner code, given out to people you know, or when people click on one of eleven available banners that you can link to on facebook or put on your website or blog, etc.), sign up for an account here.

it's a way for you to support a shop you love and help spread the word about up up creative and make a little spending money in the process.

there are two plans currently available: the standard affiliate plan gives you a 5% commission on all wedding sales you refer and 10% on everything else you refer; the feelgood plan gives you 15% on any of your feelgood list referred sales and 5% on everything else. your affiliate account is payable via Paypal when you reach a minimum of $15.


register as an up up creative affiliate now and get access to the banners, codes, etc.