Friday, September 10, 2010

:: the 2011 fear project ::

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

ever since that whole postpartum depression thing when evan was born, i've had a fascination with fear. at the time, i found myself plagued by all kinds of strange fears: a fear of showering, a fear of lying on my right side, a fear of tomatoes.

now that most of my illogical or otherwise bizarre fears are gone, they seem sort of funny; but at the time, they were as real as being afraid of a nearby bear or bee.

this fall i'm conquering a new fear - one that's a far more common fear as fears go, but one that's far less logical than my seemingly nonsensical postpartum fears. i'm conquering a fear i have of participating in the 2011 sketchbook project.

i cannot figure out why i'm scared to do this other than the fact that i'm scared my sketchbook will, um, well, suck. ah, that oh-so-common fear of failure.

but suck it will just have to do if that's the way this project's going to go because i've paid my money and i've received my sketchbook and i'm 100% committed to seeing this silly little fear destroyed, demolished, and otherwise de-feared.

if i really get my nerve going, maybe i'll share some of the sketchbook pages with you. wouldja like that?