Friday, September 17, 2010

:: the bottom line ::

Without money

when we moved back home from ohio, taking a 50% pay cut in order to do so, we knew it would come to this point. honestly, i am amazed that we have made it just about two years without my having to get a job. but here we are: i need an actual measurable income for 2011.

while i certainly could go get a job (returning to work at starbucks like i did in my grad school days, or teaching english at a local college or university, say - both would probably put more actual money in my pocket), my business is at a point where i have tremendous faith in its ability to thrive. folks from martha stewart living and cleo magazine (in australia) and even one still-to-remain-nameless conde nast mag (!!!) have been contacting me about featuring my work in their articles. i pick up new clients weekly and make sales in both shops daily now.

so where is all the money going?

it's going to supplies and equipment and advertising. it's going to product development. it's going to pay the babysitter, without whom none of this would be possible. but almost none of it is going to me.

it's time to focus on the bottom line a bit more, coarse as that sounds, because if i don't i'll be closing up shop and trading my attic studio for an apron and some close-toed shoes. and that's a switch i just don't think my soul can afford.

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