Friday, July 23, 2010

:: a man, a plan, a canal. ::

[ mini goals clockboard by marykatemcdevitt ]

i love love love babysitter days. in fact, i love everyday more just for having some babysitter days. i love being with my kids more. i love having a little bit more family time on the weekends. i love that this week, i got to make zucchini bread because i didn't have to work every free second of the day.

i also love my work more. i feel so much more on top of things, and mostly i feel like i can actually take a minute to come up with some kind of a plan. to set some goals.

that's what i'm doing this afternoon while my kids soak up all the babysitter-y goodness (they both love her, which helps a TON). while 90 postcard-style wedding invitations print in the background, and my new friend mozy automatically backs up my very important files, i'm going to do me a little business planning.

i know. it's a bit of a miracle.