Tuesday, May 18, 2010

:: work in progress ::

so many things are starting to fall into place, it's crazy. i'm interviewing a nanny this week, got my first internship applicant last night, ordered and set up a sweet new printer over the weekend. i've got 7 to 11 new wedding designs almost ready for their june release (set to line up with my own fifth wedding anniversary, commence your awwwws now) and a very exciting new take on my crazy love cards well on its way to a limited summer release and a full fall release.

all of that is both helped and hindered by the fact that i'm also setting up my attic studio/office. nanny, intern, kids, printers... it's finally time to set up a home base that isn't, well, in my living room.

we spent the second half of date night on saturday night buying some new furniture to get everything organized up there (it took my father-in-law's jeep and trips through two different targets). (and please, don't worry about us - the first half of date night was spent at this excellent restaurant we just discovered - mussels for an appetizer, sea scallops and ribs for dinner, sweet potato fries, fresh veggies. and all in this beautifully renovated old-school fire station (complete with fire pole)).

i can't wait to reveal the finished product, but for now here are a few iphone snaps from this morning, including one of my little helper evan, the firefighting zookeeper, who spent the morning feeding the animals in his attic zoo and then going off on rescues in his office-chair-firetruck.


Julie May 18, 2010 at 9:30 PM  

Goodness you sure do have a lot going on, but it's all very exciting!
Can't wait to see your new items!