Thursday, December 3, 2009

:: the kind of parents we are ::

after a warm, wet november, we woke up december first to the season's first snow accumulation (only about half an inch at best, but enough to make the world white for evan). evan ran from window to window taking it all in and promptly asked if he could go outside.

after breakfast and after george. his specifications.

and so right as curious george ended, daddy got out the snow pants, etc. and took that little boy out into our backyard snow wonderland. and then he even agreed to get the sled out. this is the first year we've had one and we've been hyping it up for evan and he really really needed to try it out.

watching them through the kitchen window and stepping out in my pjs and brian's sneaks to take some photos i was struck by a wonderful thought: i like the kind of parents we are. i like it that on the first day of snow, even though bri had to go to work and i was uberuncomfortable pregnant lady, and even though there really wasn't enough snow even to make a proper snowball, evan still got his first-day-of-snow fantasy fulfilled.

it got me wondering: what are the things you do in your daily life that make you step back and admire your own work, as a parent or whatever?


Anonymous December 4, 2009 at 8:50 PM  

we are the kind of parents who have the dining room walls covered in drawings cuz our kids liked to draw big.

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