Wednesday, December 2, 2009

:: Creative Commons ::

this week's creative commons picks are inspired by cindy chang. yesterday i had a record-breaking day in the shop and i asked some advice on twitter (i'm @upupcreative -- come follow me) on how to celebrate and cindy recommended cupcakes.

since baking pales in comparison these days to sitting on the couch whining softly and willing myself to have a baby, i went out into flickrland for some creative commons cupcakes instead.

1. homemade agave sweetened marshmallow topped cupcake (by clevercupcakes)
2. halva cupcake (by clevercupcakes)

both of these images are subject to the following creative commons license restrictions: you can copy, distribute, and transmit the works, and you can even alter or adapt them, PROVIDED YOU attribute them to their original owner AND you do not use them for commercial purposes.