Tuesday, September 29, 2009

:: Better Then ::

my students, when i taught college english in ohio, struggled with then and than. i was told it was a midwest thing -- a colloquial quirk of language in which "then" is used to mean either then or than. i'm not 100% sure i believe it except for how common it was to come across blank stares when i tried to make the correction.

but here my headline is correct. not better THAN but better THEN. i was feeling a bit better. then i wasn't. yesterday was hard, this morning even harder. i find myself leaning on my family and my husband's family, which really helps, but i'm still struggling to find a source of strength within me.

i know from experience that it will come, but it's hard waiting it out.

i do keep hoping that something creative will come of all this. i'm super inspired by this shop right now. i wish i could afford to buy the whale print above for my husband, because it's true. without him i'd be lost right now. and in fact when i'm not with him i often feel lost. when he gets home at night and asks how i'm feeling i almost always just say, "better now."

it's nice to have that.