Sunday, July 26, 2009

:: sunday, in pictures ::

during breakfast, as i hurried to finalize a wedding invitation that i needed to send to a client and then worked on a few posts for each penny pretty for the coming week, going to the lake today seemed like a bad idea. i'd taken yesterday off to spend with my mom and sister and the to-do list in front of me seemed long enough to consider not going down for the day today.

but of course once i got there i was glad we'd gone. while evan slept i read. for about ten minutes. and then i also slept.

after his nap he went for a bike ride with daddy and brought me back flowers.

and then on our way home, with evan alternating serenading us with sesame street songs and sucking his fingers in exhaustion, we saw a rainbow: evan's first. he was pretty excited, and so were we. it's cool that he's old enough to see things like that off in the distance and also realize what they are. very cool.

and now here i am at 9:45 sunday night, two custom orders completed, files sent to clients, posts prepared for the week, plans planned for evan and i. i got it all done after all.

** note: the bracelet shown above is, indeed, a scrap of fabric. i'm working on altering a favorite shirt pattern of mine for maternity (i'll post pics when i'm done if it turns out) and i had a scrap that was long and skinny and reminded me of this post from a friend to knit with that apparently has been haunting my brain for the last year. i made it using lake water, in honor of leslie's girls. it's one of those things you do as an adult to remind yourself of who you were as a kid, i guess. it's like when brian wears his chucks and i am immediately reminded of our early courtship; this bracelet -- dampened in the lake, twisted in my teeth and then wrapped awkwardly around my wrist -- took me back about two decades. and now each time i look down at my wrist i feel a little bit more connected to myself, silly as that might sound.


jlk July 27, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

Sounds like a great day. I like the rag bracelet, the daisies and the rainbow. Rainbows are good. Hammocks are good, too. Sweetness.