Monday, May 25, 2009

:: :: tonight's top news stories :: ::

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the weekend's top stories:

(1) evan started sleeping in a big bed. his room looks like a freaking bedroom now for godssake. he loves it and stays in it (so far) for the whole night and all of naptime. no climbing out. no funny business. i think he hasn't really processed the fact that he is freefreefree!

(2) the baby is officially a fetus now (this is according to one of those books. you know, the pregnancy books. the ones you buy for your first pregnancy and then tell yourself you don't need for the second but still find yourself poring over).

(3) (related news) i am officially tired of being pregnant. i can't wait for the part where i am all happy and pregnant. the part where i'm like, "i actually kind of like this" and where the baby kicks me but doesn't yet lodge his or her foot in between two ribs.

(4) i graduated into the scary bra size. i don't know if you're like me but i have a size. a size that i never ever thought i'd be. and it's not like it's any big deal or anything, but dear god almighty i am already that size and i'm only ten weeks pregnant. i had to go bra shopping today (best advice i will ever give you: go to victoria's secret, head straight for the fitting room, ask for a fitting and then a bra box. they bring you every single bra in your size and you don't have to wander around being perpetually invited to apply for a credit card, put your bras in a bag, or learn about some new high-tech bra system or another.) and when she measured me i wanted to be like, "oh, no thanks. i'll just go with my usual size" as if she were offering me an upgrade instead of a proper fit.

(5) (related) my boobs now fit fully into my bra cups. it does not look like i have four boobs anymore. this makes the scary size sort of okay.

anyway, that was the big news around here. what big news do you have to share?


Toni June 11, 2009 at 10:52 PM  

We are in the "foot between the ribs stage." Fun. Fun. In other unrelated news our old house is finally selling for real ... like with an actual closing date and everything. :)

Sorry I've not been around .... I am still reading and enjoying your creativity though. Keep it up!