Thursday, May 21, 2009

:: :: ever-mover :: ::

i can't resist these in-motion shots of evan. they capture his very essence so well. this is a kid who is always in motion, even when he's sitting still. he is an explorer. a do-er. he quickly outgrew the mouth exploration stage (i.e. the putting everything in your mouth stage) and plunged headlong and seemingly permanently into the body exploration stage. he loves to jump and roll and wriggle. he loves to wrestle and snuggle and run. he loves to climb.

when the baby comes i know he'll be the kind of big brother who wants to hold the baby and swing the baby and teach the baby how to do things. he's very hands-on.

i kind of can't wait to see that. i can't wait to see him try to pick the baby up and carry him/her around. i can't wait to see him trying to get the baby to roll over or sit up. and man oh man it'll be cool when he shows the baby how to play basketball and soccer and to throw rocks into the pond.

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