Monday, May 18, 2009

:: :: each penny pretty is seeking contributors :: ::

I woke up this morning and my uterus had seemingly swelled to twice its size. My abdomen is definitely looking less pudgy and more pregnant. It's insane.

(If you missed the announcement, you'll find it here.)

And even though I have thirty weeks left until the baby is due (jeez I'm only ten weeks pregnant, belly... stop growing already), I woke up determined to invite some regular contributors to join me in writing my little design blog. I'll still write my usual posts, but I'm looking for one or two contributors to write a weekly column (complete with images).

To apply for a position, please send me a proposal explaining the focus of your column. Why would it appeal to EPP readers? What kinds of ideas or products would it feature? What unique expertise or interest or approach can you bring to the topic? What can you add to EPP that I don't already do?

You can email your proposals to me by clicking here, and please include links to past writing (a blog if you've got it) and a brief bio.