Sunday, March 29, 2009

:: :: the next barrel :: ::

everything i know about safe locks and locks being picked and all that stuff i learned from the movies.

that being said, this week i realized that evan's little baby brain is like a safe lock. and inside that little baby brain of his there is a small little safe cracker just fiddling away (listening to his brain with a stethoscope if the movies are even remotely accurate).

and this week -- on monday, to be specific -- the little brain-safe-cracker in there got the next barrel to fall into place.

evan's language drastically improved this week. he is trying more words and his articulation and pronunciation have shown marked improvement. he is listening better, and by listening better i mean that he is responding better. he is more aware of boundaries i am setting. yesterday, as we sat near a pond having a snack during a family hike, i drew a line in the dirt and told him not to cross it and he actually tried so hard not to cross it even though he love love loves the water.

if i count to three the way mommies count to three (evan, you need to come inside. i'm going to count to three) he responds.

it seriously all happened this week.

and to top it all off, when i asked evan this week if he is still a baby he said no. he always says yes.

holy crap. way to go safe-cracker!