Monday, March 30, 2009

:: :: no good very bad :: ::

i've been waiting to update on the house stuff because i didn't really have anything new to say. we're still waiting on the ohio closing. still pushing forward with the house here.

but today we found out that our sellers here put the house back on the market (without telling us) last week and got a new offer over the weekend. if we don't remove our transfer-of-title contingency (i.e. our sale-in-ohio contingency) then we're going to lose the house.

i am so mad. i mean, i'm disappointed and all, but mostly i'm mad. we've got our mortgage all ready to go. we offered their asking price. they own the house outright so it's barely costing them anything. and no one is saying that ohio won't close. it's just taking a while. so why screw us?


i know. i know. it's business. sucky business.