Thursday, February 26, 2009

:: :: a fish in the sea :: ::

feelgood things are starting to accidentally slip off my list. for one thing, i lost my journal in the move (i know... i lost my blog, i lost my journal... should i take the hint??) and hadn't started a new one in hopes that i might find it soon (i'm sure it's in a box in my mom's basement somewhere). and i haven't been taking walks much because it's been c-o-l-d and because evan is so over strollers. i mean come on.

then there's a little thing called my shop. many hours, my friends. many, many hours.

the truth is, i simply cannot revamp my life right now. i'm staying relatively content (the depression's been at bay for months now) and so don't see the need for an overhaul when things are going well. but i don't want to let go of too many of the good things, like reading and snuggling and taking baths and sitting around doing nothing.

so i made myself a deal: i would do little things. i've started writing one-sentence journal entries. i actually highly recommend this practice. it forces me to take a moment to think about the one thing i wish to memorialize for the day. the one important thought. it's very 2009. very twitter (which i love, by the way -- come follow me by clicking on the bird at top right).

i've also resolved to only use my laptop for as many hours as i have battery life each day. my battery lasts about 2.5 hours so that's all i get throughout the day. i use my desktop for design work and stuff like that, but i use the laptop throughout the day to check in with email, surf mindlessly, etc. limiting myself to the battery time forces me to think more carefully about where i point my browser and when.

i've also started doing a 15-minute yoga practice. it's a nice breather and i can do it during naptime without feeling like i'm giving up those precious, productive nap hours.

what about you? how do you make the most of the time you have?

* * * * *

p.s. i couldn't resist the seemingly unrelated post title... a girl i work with once misheard our manager at a staff meeting when he was talking about efficiency. she raised her hand and asked, "what were you saying about a fish in the sea?"

i almost died. in fact, i think i did die briefly and then was resuscitated by the sound of everyone in the room laughing.

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