Friday, September 12, 2008

:: :: getting better giveaway :: ::

finished pendants (without their hooks yet — the hooks are the most expensive parts and I can’t get them locally so I don’t want to use them all up too quickly!). these are all made from recycled magazines with the exception of two (my two least favorite ones here, but i won’t tell you which ones they are).

This week my therapy has included yoga each night before bed, several long walks, work on my just-for-me quilt, and lots and lots of pendant-making.

The result of all my therapy is that I’m off the twice-a-day heartburn medication (yay!) and haven’t cried or had a panic attack in a week. And I’ve got twenty-some pendants that I want to wear all at once, making me the Crazy Pendant Lady (distant cousin to Crazy Cat Lady and Coupon-Hoarding Lady).

So I’m giving two away.

Here’s the deal:

The first one will be given to a randomly selected person who has commented on THIS post (meaning the post you’re reading right this very second) indicating his or her favorite pendant(s) in the above image.

The second one will be given to a randomly selected person who has commented on one of the ten posts prior to this one. If you left more than one comment, you’re entered more than once. Those ten posts include the following:

* The Lost Art of Fake Smiling
* I Have Everything That I Need
* Counter Pose Necklaces
* Thanks A Lot, Liz Gilbert
* More Strategies, Less Medicine!
* Elp, Elp, Elp
* Apparently They’re Touring Ballerinas
* Thumbelina Dance
* Real Happy Versus Fake Happy? Really?
* In Which I Complain About How Much Postpartum Depression Sucks

The randomly selected winners will be chosen on Sunday evening (Sept. 14th) at some hour well before midnight. The winners will be allowed to choose which of these pendants they would like for their very own. In the event that the two winners want the same pendant, I will flip a coin to see who gets it and the other person will get her second choice.

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