Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: :: the lost art of fake smiling :: ::

Evan is learning about smiling on purpose. He thinks it’s so funny to just crack a smile for no other reason than that he’s just learned that he can.

He thinks it’s especially funny to do it when someone is pointing a camera at him.

By no means does this mean, however, that he smiles for every picture, as when, say, there are fish to be eaten…

…or crocs in desperate need of being donned so that we can go “OUT” (shouted ad nauseum until crocs are donned or something forbidden and usually dangerous comes into view, whichever happens first).

It just means that when he does do it on purpose, he thinks it’s hilarious.

(Apparently when I demonstrated what a smile looks like, I must have squinted my eyes a bit, eh? I think that’s his favorite part of the fake smile.)