Monday, April 14, 2008

:: Good News And More Good News ::

Last night, Brian and I went on a house-sanitizing frenzy.  We disinfected, we sanitized, we purified, we washed, we rinsed, we soaked, we boiled.  OK.  No boiling.  We wiped things down and washed blankets and toys.  We went after light switches and doorknobs as if they harbored invisible but fist-sized cockroaches.

It's either that or burn the place down and start over.  That's our next option.

Today, everyone's still sick, but hope is in the lemon-fresh air.  Evan and I both outran our colds' expiration dates and so both had prescriptions called in today for antibiotics.  Apparently when doing nothing for weeks doesn't work, docs are finally willing to try something.  (I totally get it that antibiotics don't work on viruses, which is what causes most colds, but I am awfully glad to have something to take.)

I'm hopeful that by Friday we'll both be dancing on our tiptoes and grinning at the world.

Brian's another matter.  I think he's still within his ten- to fourteen-day cold-clearing-up period.  No antibiotics for him for a little while, if he ever ends up needing them.  He's got the welter-weight champion of the world immune system -- if you're a germ it seems like it's always able to knock you out.

In other good news, Evan drank all of his juice yesterday (a whole cup!) and seems to be over his cup aversion.  If you blog it, it will come.  Or something.  He doesn't always want a drink from the cup (neither do I), but he often does now.  And sometimes, he even wants more right away.

Here's proof:

Evan Drinking From His Sippie Cup Evan Taking A Second Sip

Picture One: Here he is having a sip.  Picture Two: Here he is having another sip right after the first one.  (We use the cups that spill (they just have a hole on top instead of a nipple-like contraption) so when there's juice in them, they're usually held in tightly-clasped adult hands.)

My last bit of good news is that my sewing machine is FIXED.  The very wonderful Susan of Westerville Sew and Save (if you happen to have gotten to this post because you googled "Westerville Sew and Save" then let me say: I give them four thumbs up) took the time to go over it herself last week while Evan and I sat and watched (she even gave Evan some string cheese, thereby forever cementing herself in his good favor) and she replaced a part for me and since then all has been (mostly) blissful.  I've been playing with the new presser feet I got for my birthday.  I also made another skirt, which if you're lucky you will get to see tomorrow.

It's purdy.

I'm also back at work on the park quilt, which I hope to finish very soon so that when Evan and I are tired of tiptoe dancing and grinning at the world, we can enjoy our good health under the great blue sky above a nearby park.

- - - - - - - - - -

Oh yeah.  One more thing.  I did a little experiment today and I found the results interesting enough to share.  So, I spent some time with my friend yesterday reading up on the common cold and prevention and self-care and all.  They had a report (that I later confirmed at the Harvard Medical website) on how recent studies have shown that hot water with lemon and honey has been shown to be as effective at suppressing coughs as the medicine dextromethorphan (as in Robitussin DM, my medical tonic of choice for most of the last 21 days (it's also in NyQuil)).  I got to thinking about how I haven't given Evan anything for his cold and he seems less affected by his than I am by mine.  So I tested the theory.  I stopped taking any medicine yesterday at noon and drank my honeyed lemon water before bed and I have to say, it's no better than cough medicine, but it was also no worse.  I woke at exactly the same time in the middle of the night (3:40) but fell asleep an hour earlier (5:00) than the previous night (6:00) when I had taken Robitussin.  Today I coughed about as much as yesterday but found I was able to keep a lot of the worst coughing at bay by continually sucking on a lozenge or drinking a warm beverage.

So there's that, for whatever it's worth.


Dharmamama April 15, 2008 at 6:50 AM  

There's a homeopathic cough remedy that works so well, it's like magic. It's B&T Nighttime Cough & Bronchial Syrup (B&T stands for Boericke & Tafel). It's what I give Seth, and about 15 minutes after giving it to him, he's sleeping peacefully *without coughing*, and sleeps all night. I wonder if you added some Jack Daniels to the lemon water, if it would have that same effect? So - it sounds like you're *mentally* over the hump, which I think is just as important (if not more important!) than physically - but if you find you still need something, you might give that a try.

Wish I could send you some homemade chicken soup - which is also a proven cure!

Toni April 15, 2008 at 8:20 AM  

What she said.

a pinkroom April 15, 2008 at 1:45 PM  

The Greens vs. The Super-Flu

Next year, it doesn't stand a chance against you three.

Christina April 15, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

That bug was hard for us to get rid of, too. And it's totally true about cough meds not working all that well. A shot of whiskey can often be just as effective, too.

Yay for the sippy cup! Mira is using her sippy cup for juice now, too, although I have to hold it for her. She can't figure out the tipping it up part yet.

Can't wait to see the skirt!

Rebecca April 16, 2008 at 7:48 AM  

Good luck with the degermification. We have a cycle going on right now where one of the kids get something and infects the whole house and then we get better and the kids go back to school and one of the kids gets something. Lather rinse repeat.