Tuesday, October 4, 2011

:: stop doing ::

i mentioned this a couple of months ago: the stop-doing list. it's a list of things you're going to choose to stop doing so that you can do something else. it's a priorities list from the bottom up. and it's hard.

it's hard cutting something out. it's hard admitting that something you love just isn't as important to you as something else you love.

over the summer i made a stop doing list for my business, and even though writing it was hard, i knew it was right. 

but i still haven't actually stopped doing a single one of the things on the list. and i need to. there needs to be room for other things. 

so here's the story, friends. i'm going to stop selling greeting cards soon. that's the first really big, really impossible-feeling item i'm going to tackle. i'd like to turn over that part of my business to someone else if someone out there wants it. i'd like to find someone who wants to grow an indie paper business and i'd like to sell it to them for very little money - the break-even cost of my current inventory plus a small amount for copyrights, current accounts, etc. we're talking in the low thousands here, max.

i'm going to spend october looking for a buyer and if no one expresses interest then in november i'm going to start selling off my inventory at a reduced price in my shop.