Thursday, September 1, 2011

:: hooray! my name-your-price wedding experiment is here! ::

it's here. september first. that means the name-your-price experiment officially launches today. 

i did a little sneak preview yesterday and the response was so wonderfully wonderful i don't even know what to say. the emails i got. the comments on the introductory post over at a practical wedding.

i woke up a few times in the night just from excitement.

i'm going to be doing some interviews and such throughout the month, getting out there talking about the experiment and the concepts behind it and all. i'll be sure to share those as they happen so you can keep up.

and if you'd like to read some awesome introductions, i'd recommend these:

if you're an artist or designer or maker, i definitely recommend you read through the 60+ comments on the practical wedding post. really cool conversation going on, and seriously awesome points raised. the experiment could FLOP and i would already feel like i got so much out of it just from the comments on that post.

so enjoy. and please! participate in the experiment! whether you need wedding invitations or invitations for something else (birthday parties, holiday parties, baby showers, etc.), now's the time to pay what you can.

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