Saturday, June 11, 2011

:: birthday invitations for the boy ::

evan's turning four, and this year we told him he could have four invitations to hand-deliver to the four friends he wanted to invite to the party (when he's five, he'll get five). a digital version went out to our families, but evan was so delighted to have actual mail in his hands.

or, rather, in his backpack. that's where he put each invitation (he calls them, quite appropriately, informations as in, "i've got ruby's information in my backpack"). when possible, he delivered them via red bike with that backpack strapped to his narrow little shoulders.

"it even stays on while i'm riding my bike!" he was heard exclaiming, and "when i grow up i am going to do this on the weekends, ride my bike with my backpack on. do you ever do that on the weekends, mommy?"

alas, no. not often anymore.

and of course in terms of printing these for him i went all out. i like to imagine that after we left each invitation with its recipient, it went down something like this:

"wow. i think evan's mommy used 100% cotton paper."

"and what's the font? it looks like futura but not quite? maybe like a small caps version or something? a little bold? very nice. i wish you could make informations like this for me, mommy, like evan's mommy does."

that's what i'd be thinking anyway.