Monday, December 13, 2010

:: the pic has hit the stands ::

back in august, i got an email from a senior editor at brides magazine. you know, that wedding mag you see on, say, the magazine rack at your grocery store checkout? the one owned by conde nast, publisher of the new yorker, vogue, and wired?

she wanted my invitations. for her magazine. i nearly died.

a few months later, the pic has hit the stands, so to speak. january 2011 issue page 62, under "buzz," and i quote:

"OMG, we're loving the chatty invite craze - so shut that etiquette book and aim for wording that reflects your true personality." and then at the end, ""

for real. i'm pretty psyched.

perhaps most of all i'm glad that the little blurb they wrote about the invitation (i honestly had no idea what they were even going to do with my invitation) totally reflects my own philosophy on weddings: be yourself and everyone will love it. so yay.

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