Tuesday, December 14, 2010

:: birthday girl! ::

today, my baby girl turns one.

you'd never know it from her shoe size (her slippers, which fit her perfectly, are for babies 3-6 months old) or the number of teeth she has (two on the bottom, two on top, and two more poking their way through the gums as we speak). but watch her make her way around the house on two feet (not walking alone quite yet, she still manages to get around) or tease her big brother, or announce "all done" at the dinner table and there's no question: this baby girl is hardly a baby anymore.

tell me she hasn't got the greatest smile you've ever seen, eh? she gets that from her dad and her gramps, that full-face smile.

i really don't know who she got her sense of taste from, for this girlie refused to eat her birthday cupcake (not to worry! big brother evan was more than willing to swoop in and rescue her cupcake, though not without a fight from daddy).