Sunday, November 21, 2010

:: treadmills & half pipes ::

no fun today, by sunface13 on flickr
just set the space heater in my attic studio for four hours, which means i've got about five hours to work before i'm calling it quits for the day. everything is so busy these days i feel like i'm on a treadmill sometimes -- if you repeat the word work over and over in a drony voice it sort of even sounds like a treadmill, doesn't it? workworkworkworkworkwork... try it with me.

i did find time yesterday to spend a little time with my mom and sister -- they force me to stop working once a month or so to meet them for lunch and, often, some window shopping.

at the shop we visited yesterday i saw a stationery set by a woman i know (an online acquaintance only, i still consider her a friend) and it threw a lot of what i do into perspective for me. if i want to have my friends in far-distant places to see my stuff in their local curio shops, there are some things i need to do a bit differently. i need to spend less time on the treadmill and more time constructing a ramp.

today i've got a few treadmill-type things to do, but then i'm getting out my blueprints and my hammer and nails and getting to work on that ramp. perhaps i'll build a halfpipe? that would make my husband pretty happy, metaphorically and literally.