Saturday, November 20, 2010

:: brain glimpse ::

while i've not yet decided to part with my newspaper clippings or dissertation notes, etc., i did this morning recycle a whole pile of other notes from grad school -- stuff from the secondary english education years and stuff from the english ma and phd years.

i felt little while tearing apart the notebooks for the recycling bin (can't recycle those wire spirals as far as i know) save amazement.

i always knew i was neat and all, but holy freaking cow. my notes are so organized and hierarchical. it's like i was practicing to be a graphic designer. or a phd student, i suppose. my notes present such a clear division of information, ideas, and even labor. my own thoughts during the course of reading or sitting in class are clearly separated from the notes i'm taking on others' thoughts. 
plus there are the doodles. those were always part of my strategy to pay attention, believe it or not. if i could keep the wandering part of my brain occupied with swirls and swoops, then i was better able to focus on what was going on in class. (teachers take note: not all students who draw in their margins are lost deep in their own thoughts: some of us simply need to occupy the right brain while the left brain's busy.)
i'm not sure why i feel the need to post all these notes pictures here. i just feel like seeing them all laid out in front of my on the (nasty green rug of my) basement floor was like a primer in understanding julie's brain. and the evolution of my adult life, for that matter. 

in case you were interested.