Sunday, September 19, 2010

:: now open: the sapsucker shop on etsy ::

this is one of those things that i've been planning and planning and planning and then on friday i just decided it was time to finally do it already.

since their creation in january 2009, up up creative's "crazy love" cards have been consistent top sellers. well finally, they've got their own home in a new shop on etsy. there, you can get your own custom sapsucker™ card (new!!!), order in bulk, or even purchase your holiday cards from the sapsucker shop.


prefer to shop my personal e-commerce shop? fret not! when i roll out my improved e-comm site in october (designed to make customization and wedding-invitation ordering much, much easier), the sapsucker™ cards (and all their accompanying products like the saver sets and custom sapsucker™ cards) will be included there.