Tuesday, June 8, 2010

:: zoom out ::

i'm working hard, cruising through some client design work, printer shushing in the background like skis through fresh powder (i have no idea if this is a good metaphor or not -- i have never skied through fresh powder -- but i do know my printer is shushing) so i can't stop by the blog long, but since i was so cranky over the weekend i just thought it was only fair to stop by tonight and say that things are pretty good.

i'm still way crunched for time, but my attic studio is about 70% not a disaster, i sent off several important and long-standing orders over the last few days, i had a great day in the etsy shop today, and just now, working on a brochure design for a client i had one of those moments when you sit back, or zoom out in this case, and make that weird face you make when you're surprisingly impressed, kind of like a frown but nodding your head all the while, and then i said aloud, "huh. that looks awesome."

yay. here's to your own good zoom out moments. when you have them, do share.