Sunday, May 30, 2010

:: how to have a happy memorial day weekend ::

on this lovely memorial day weekend, my kids would like to remind you (and me, who happens to be working in the attic while my family is outside playing in the sunshine, but who also happens to have plans for major relaxation in a certain newly-put-up hammock later this afternoon) of a few things:

(1) nothing, and i mean nothing short of maybe apple pie, smells better than sunscreen.

(2) hydrate (for easy breezy beautiful ice pops, pour regular-ol' juice into dixie cups. freeze for about 40 minutes. insert sticks or plastic spoons or whatever, then freeze another hour or so. warm the pop in your hand for a moment to remove from the dixie cup. eat several -- they're small. we made ours with cranberry juice, orange juice, tropical orange V8 juice, and strawberry-banana V8 juice, and we haven't had a bad one yet.)

(3) lie in the grass

(4) grab your toes - it feels good and it's good for you

(5) surround yourself with colors, smells, and sounds that make you happy

(6) smile