Sunday, January 10, 2010

:: oscar and poppy ::

tell me you never, not even once, fantasized about winning an oscar (or a grammy, or a tony, or whatever floats your boat). i know i went through a period in my life when i would frequently lie on my bed when i was supposed to be doing something else (often after a shower when i should have been getting dressed to go to class or something) and imagine myself being interviewed on the today show about my stellar screenplay that had just won an oscar. my answers were all so wonderfully self-deprecating and i came across as such a normal girl who just happened to have tremendous insight into the human condition.


anyway, i'd love it if you'd nominate me for a poppy award from poppytalk handmade. (paper goods category, obviously.) and while you're there, nominate some of your other favorite artists. there are awards in twelve categories:

1. Favourite Handmade Accessories
2. Favourite Handmade Affordable Art
3. Favourite Handmade Ceramics
4. Favourite Handmade Crafter (eg. Embroidery/Crochet/Knitting/Quilting)
5. Favourite Handmade Eco
6. Favourite Handmade Housewares
7. Favourite Handmade Jewelry
8. Favourite Handmade Paper goods
9. Favourite Photographer
10. Favourite Handmade Textiles
11. Favourite Vintage Shop
12. Favourite Handmade Artist Blog