Wednesday, December 9, 2009

:: still pregnant: a creative commons post ::

i've chosen my favorite numbers-related creative commons pictures for this week's creative commons feature. you can see why after the pictures...

1. Numbers, 2. numbers, 3. Numbers, 4. numbers.jpg, 5. Yin and Yang numbers, 6. used numbers, 7. Odd numbers, 8. numbers, 9. Numbers Racket, 10. Colour by Numbers

so now the story...

this week's pregnancy adventure by the numbers:

1. the number of night i spent at the hospital as an admitted OB/GYN patient
2. the amount of time, in minutes, between contractions on monday night while i was admitted to said hospital
3. the number of OB/GYN residents who examined me throughout my visit
4. the dilation of my cervix, in inches, in the middle of the night on monday

and yet no baby. i had crazy contractions all night, so much so that i had to be on oxygen for a little while and they contemplated giving me medication to slow them down, and had IV fluids and everything, but then by morning my cervix still hadn't dilated any more and my contractions weren't hurting anymore (but oh! i'm still having them at regular brief intervals -- whee!) and so they sent me home.

which is where i am now.

because i am never having this baby apparently.

i think it's probably just a kicky tumor after all.

(a note: all ten pictures above are licensed under the following creative commons license: you can copy, distribute, and transmit the works PROVIDED YOU do NOT alter them, you attribute them to their original owner, AND you do not use them for commercial purposes.)