Thursday, August 20, 2009

:: "easy like sunday morning" pants (for ::

this was the easiest, quickest, cutest project i've worked on in a long time: sunday morning pajama pants for evan inspired by this month's project (the word was sunday).

here's the scoop:

i made them from a pair of brian's (discarded) pajamas. i cut open the inseam of brian's pants and cut the pattern from the bottom parts of each leg (to avoid hemming at the end - so quick!). i used the huck finn pants pattern from this book and was inspired by this one to reuse my husband's pants.

i told evan that i made him pajama pants from daddy's pjs and he thought that was so cool. (i sort of glossed over the fact that because evan has them now brian doesn't have them anymore.)

if you want a super quick tutorial i can make one up after we're all settled into our new house. just leave a comment and let me know if there's interest.


Pretty Neat Designs August 20, 2009 at 3:21 PM  

Great idea! I'm not so sure I believe the "easy" part though. I was so busy with work stuff I didn't get to play this month. But I'll be back for September.

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