Sunday, August 23, 2009

:: custom labels for canning ::

i'm buried in boxes and without internet access from home and otherwise far too preoccupied to come up with coherent sentences, so how about the next installment of "here's some custom design work i did this summer," hmm?

these are labels for canning. the round ones are for lids, the rectangles for the jars themselves. they're not shown to scale, obviously.


Anonymous August 26, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

Love the lid labels! I made pickles this summer, and was only able to make some rectangular jar labels because I didn't think I could find round labels the right size to print on! Yours are beautiful!

julie green August 26, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

I made these for a client to print on regular sticker paper and then cut into circles.

marthub September 7, 2009 at 2:42 AM  

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Louise September 13, 2009 at 6:57 AM  

Love your Party Invitations and custom designs, and would love to put them on my planned new website –free, no charges, commission or anything -- -- as the web site will cater for ‘unique handmade crafted products like yours'. Lots made by mums at home – the website name has the word mum in it (
Hope you are resting a bit and not working too hard while you are pregnant.
Back to my blog comment. There must be an expensive end of the market for those ‘very rich moms’ who can’t make things like you do? –Or don’t have the time –but want ‘that designer gift, party invitation, and find a site with an easy to remember name which has top end hand crafted and unique designs like yours.
I am slowly looking through 'design' blogs like yours and loving every minute of it.
I started a company in the uk Send My Card which just does ordinary greeting cards, and now want a site which can have lots of cards and other products like yours, and where people like you can put all their fantastic individually designed and made products.
When customers want something 'making, writing and posting' (like sendmycard) the order will come straight through to you and we will not take any commission or anything, we will be happy to have a site full of the most wonderful designs and products/cards -- and we will still sell some of our own to make an income for me.
For products or designs like yours, we can also add extra question boxes would leave this up to you to tell me.
If no one buys anything it will only have cost the time to put it on my site, if someone does buy it, they will pay a proper price that reflects all the works you have done.
As I mentioned earlier, I have managed to get a web name that I think will be OK: as lots of the cards and things are made by mums, I have got the name
I hope you think it is a good idea? and -- Can I contact you again when the site is running?
As it is a .com, it can be used in the USA and lots of other countries.
The site will have the dropdown boxes shown next to the cards so it will be very easy for people to place orders, see Hand made cards by Paula on SendMyCard.
We will add another box 'Country' and then the site will highlight the products that can posted in that country, but people can also order from any country!.
As you can see on the ‘handmade cards' page, I have started this idea on my first web site but would now like to make a bigger USA/UK/Europe wide web site --especially for beautiful designs I am now finding
I am now visiting similar blogs and websites, so you may see a similar comment appearing on all the nice blogs I find, some of which will be blogs you follow? I will to ask other similar people/designers to consider putting their products on my new site – in which case --- design work will start in a few weeks ***if I get perhaps ten people like yourself who like the idea?***

Best Wishes.