Friday, August 28, 2009

:: Altered for Maternity ::

finally, some sewing for myself. i made this shirt by altering a non-maternity pattern that i've always loved. it fits fine now (at 24 weeks) but also leaves room to grow a few more months.

{ simplicity 3835 altered for maternity }

altering the pattern was easy. i basically followed the instructions here. i left the back pattern piece as is and altered only the front of the shirt pattern, adding a total of just 3" to the total width of the shirt. i did make the front 4" longer as laura suggests, although i did not add the side gathers so it was awkward hemming the shirt with the front so much longer than the back. i think when i make my next one i'll alter the back piece a little to gradually get longer towards both sides and then do the opposite for the front (so that the front sides are shorter than the very front). hopefully this will make the hemming process a little easier.

the lesson learned here is this: altering a non-maternity shirt pattern for maternity is pretty freaking easy and well worth the five seconds it takes at the beginning of the shirt-making process. now go forth and alter.


Anne August 29, 2009 at 10:19 PM  

Pretty! I like it. Good work.