Thursday, July 16, 2009

:: the maybe house ::

each night before bed we ask evan what he's going to dream about. each night he says gramps. if pressed he'll add gramps' jeep and my sister-in-law's dog to the list. but last night, without a word from either of us, he said he was going to dream about gramps and the maybe house.

on our visits there he has expressed three concerns and has had all three fears allayed:

  1. the guy (our realtor) will not always have to be there to unlock the house for us. mommy will have a key, and so will daddy.
  2. the loudly barking dog (locked in a cage in the basement) will also not be there.
  3. evan will have his own sheets on his bed and not the flowery sheets on the bed in the room he's been told will be his.
so that does it. i think we're finally getting into "it's okay to be excited" mode with the maybe house. we've rented our condo in ohio (in two weeks strangers, people i have never even met, will be living in my condo), we've made it through the inspection and had all of our conditions met, and we have made the formal mortgage application.

please keep your fingers cross for us, won't you?

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