Saturday, July 18, 2009

:: blog housekeeping ::

a few blog-related items to tackle today:

(1) the new navigation. fancy, eh? just trying to clean things up, make navigating a little easier, and make things like my email info a little bit easier to find. now includes links to my flickr photostream as well as my book recommendations. you'll notice that the "i am" button doesn't link anywhere. that's because the "i am" stuff is still here on the main page and i haven't moved it yet.

(2) i'm thinking of opening up a few advertising spots on the blog. i've gone back and forth on this for YEARS and i've been torn but i finally decided that if there are people out there who want to support this blog well who am i to stop them? i'd like to support their shops and small businesses, too. seems win-win. if you are interested in ad space, please contact me via the email link at right.

(3) stuff... coming tomorrow. i'll have links to the other participants from july, info about joining the flickr group and adding your photos, and most importantly, the NEXT WORD.

see you then, peeps. i'm off to have dinner with brian's family and my adorable nieces.