Friday, June 19, 2009

:: :: everything's coming up roses :: ::

i need both: more sleep and more hours to work. i have no idea what's going to give, but i better figure it out soon!

in the meantime, i shouldn't be getting excited but i just am: we have someone interested in renting our condo in ohio. oh my god that would be so awesome. we told my mom this past weekend that we'll be out of her house by august 15th, rain or shine, and renting that condo would make that an awful lot easier on us. we went to look at houses last night and kept having to tell the showing realtors, "well, we're still working on selling or renting our place in ohio, but we'll be in touch as soon as possible."

i've got "everything's coming up roses" stuck in my head even though, come on, this could totally lead nowhere. and since there's that and the fact that i don't have roses right now, i thought i'd share some pics of my mom's gorgeous hydrangeas, just beginning to unfurl from their little green brain stage into their gorgeous floral explosion stage. i took these earlier this week while evan raked the yard with his little bitty rake.

(re: the picture... taken by me, edited in photoshop (purposefully desaturated even if it does sort of take away from the beautiful colors in the original shot) and polaroided using picnik. please keep your hands to yourself (i.e. don't copy my picture) without prior permission. thanks, yo.)


Carolyn June 19, 2009 at 2:30 PM  

What an incredible post! When I read it, I had just been looking at a quote on my inspiration board that says "everything is coming up roses." Seriously! So strange :). And it made me smile :). I'm lucky I always have a rose, my amazing doggie Lila Rose :).