Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:: :: pretty pennies :: ::

you know those things we all talk about doing -- sometimes for years -- but never do? well i've been talking for awhile about starting a design blog and i decided that today, my thirtieth birthday, was the day to launch.

i recently abandoned my dissertation. i was (technically still am) a ph.d. student in english. back when i started working on my dissertation (on the concept of place-as-character -- an interesting topic as dissertation topics go, i suppose) i had this little story in my head about how i would finish my draft by such-and-such date and defend in march of this year and graduate winter quarter which would have me walking at a mid-march commencement. and then i would go on a vacation. and then i would turn 30.

it seemed like a perfect little story.

so in honor of my poor dissertation, sitting down in the basement with two boxes of research materials, and in honor of my lost vacation, i decided to do something new. to take one step further towards living a different life. a life that feels better. that is better for me.

each penny pretty is that step. it's a design blog dedicated to sharing ways to infuse your life with beauty, color, and creativity. it parts ways with other design blogs in its staunch refusal to concede that living a beautiful life means spending a fortune.

as a gift to me today, please go check it out. i have four posts scheduled for throughout today (although usually i'll be posting once or twice daily, monday through friday).