Monday, August 25, 2008

:: :: zoloft quilt :: ::

I really am improving, slowly, over time, yadda yadda. And yet, apparently I either overestimated the speed of my recovery or underestimated the speed of my quilting abilities. Or maybe both.

I started this quilt Jiggity Jig" href="">the week I returned from my mom’s house thinking, “This will be my getting over postpartum depression quilt!” I worked on it each morning even though Colorful Time Filler" href="">all that cutting and measuring bored the snot out of me and didn’t help me feel better at all. But then I finished it this past Friday, binding and everything. That night I proceeded to sleep horribly and the next day I was the mess I told you about yesterday full of battery acid and lemon juice and other things that sting.

So clearly I’m not “over postpartum depression.”

Furthermore, I’ve been too lazy to take a picture of it all the way done. The one above was taken after I finished quilting it, but before the binding was on and the whole thing was all finished. It’s sitting upstairs in my bedroom, all ready for a well-lit photo shoot (we get tons of light in our bedroom), and my camera even has batteries, but too bad. I’m too busy watching a CSI marathon on Spike and scouring etsy for more quilting fabric because even though I was all lukewarm about making this one, I’m suddenly feeling the strong urge to make another.

Go figure.

Anyway, I’ve decided to call this the Zoloft quilt. Just like my Zoloft, it’s started working but it hasn’t entirely done the trick. More work (read: quilting; see also: therapy) needs to be done.